Soft Gallery Autumn/Winter 17/18 Collection

Soft Gallery has turned into a just exceptional and imaginative dress mark that has expanded its extensions constantly since built up in year 2007, in Copenhagen, Denmark, by Tine Holt Moller and Barbara Hvidt. Soft Gallery also supports Danish Indian Childcare when proposing garments delivered in India. All pieces made in India are professed by a unique hangtag.

Soft Gallery can be found in the associated nations: USA, Australia, China, Japan, Korea, Brazil, Holland, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Greece, Poland, Russia, Italy, Norway, Saudi Arabia, Finland, Ireland, Spain, Denmark, and Sweden & United Kingdom.

Those who wear this brand know the genuine reason for its fame. This brand is specifically famous for its unique and funny prints. Enchantment is available in every single piece as though they attempt to remind our children’s memories when we projected with minor characters living with us or tall tales that turned out to be valid… what a fabulous time!

Autumn/Winter 2017/18 Collection

The incredible Artisan collection highlights the genuine and realistic spirit of art and creativity as the backbone of soft Gallery universe. It also puts an emphasis on the thoughtfulness of an artist along with the inspirations taken from real life world that ambiances us all the time.

These flawless prints are delicate, unique and extremely amusing and can be the ideal method to confront awful climate in the cutest way!

The soft gallery is famous for its graceful clothing along with the innovations it has made. The innovations are extremely deep in their meanings as there is something really important hidden in it which needs to be unveiled. Soft gallery is determined to make people inspired of it by revealing the amazing artistic designs with clothing.

The artistic designs with clothing give a life to the fabric and the entire collections happen to be alive. These enchanting collections artistic clothing are created in collaboration with the artists from all over the world.

Soft gallery will be commanding the sophisticated selection of visual artists in every season. The selected artists will be honored by featuring their very own and distinguishing arts in soft gallery collections as hand embroideries and prints.

The basic idea of soft gallery is actually originated from deep-felt curiosity and the emerging inside-talent which works absolutely amazing when artistic thoughts are combined with the fabric canvases.

Soft gallery allows us to have an experience of exploration of the animal world. At present it has brought us a collection which possesses a lot of eagles, leopards, reindeer, owls and Scandinavian wolves.

All of these animals with spiral prints accompanying autumn colors like grey, pale pink and maroon are chosen for the collection named as “A Glimpse”.

Fashionable great styles are an important part of the concept of soft gallery and especially the collection. Aesthetic’s importance can’t be ignored too if you want to achieve the wonderful results. The collection of Soft Gallery of this season is all set to prompt the remarkable truth “Home is where the Heart is”.

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