Textile Fish bags by Julia Castano

Don Fisher, a Spanish design studio that is enthusiastic to create brilliant, amazing, and enchanting fish that adds up a wave of amusement when you look at them. In the recent years, Don Fisher has delivered some new products in the outlets, such as backpacks and bags.

Fish bags by Julia Castano
Fish bags by Julia Castano

Accompanying Don Fisher, Julia Castano, a graphic designer in Barcelona, Spain, is working on some genuine ideas that will surely turn into reality soon after the summer pause. Don Fisher is in complete love with sailing the seven seas as he is in a continuous exploration of amusing things. His most of the time is spent fishing Bonitos as much as he can.

The bonitos are always handmade and ready to use as they are freshly made with the high-quality material. Each bonito has its unique properties that vary from each other but the best thing is they all can still be used for the same purpose i.e. keeping safe your valuable things inside them. Furthermore, they can also be used for holding your keys, as pencil cases, pouches or even purses. The best thing: Bonitos are a great fit for kids as they can keep their writing material, their small treasure and candies.

Julia Castano introduced the idea, two years back as she thought she would change her life with it. After the successful completion of her master’s degree, all she wanted to do was about creating beautiful things in her own shop. Previously, all she did was surfing on the internet, browsing on Pinterest, spending hours on various websites in search of beautiful things’ pictures. Then she started her own blog named as “Pesca lo Bonito” that is a Pun meaning “Fishing beautiful things”.

Julia Castano's bags
Julia Castano’s bags

A little later, after the introduction of the blog, Julia’s mother asked her that why don’t she make fish-shaped cases for pencils? They’d be amazing pieces of Bonitos! And then the initiation of fish bags started as she proceeded with designing and sewing them. She also started making customized fish bags for kids depending on their needs. Not only kids, but these bags are also suitable for their moms as they can put their cosmetics products in them and take them anywhere they want to.

I’m generally shocked when I go over crafted by specialists who can make something straightforward, excellent, lively and valuable and a similar time. I’ve figured it out that there is something special in Julia Castano’s work about having the capacity to continue seeing the world through a kid’s eye. Kids are more creative regarding designs, color combinations and the characters that are some specifications required for a fabricated fish bag to turn into something captivating.

Julia Castano's work
Julia Castano’s work


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