I don’t think so that there is any woman out there who is not absolutely crazy about stylish and trendy handbags, be it adult women or little girls carrying their teeny tiny cute purses…

Yes, we women absolutely love handbags and they are a major investment for us. Trendy handbags are an exceptional accessory to compliment any outfit, and the same rule applies to children as well.

Every mother wants her daughter to look the best during a girl’s birthday party or at a family picnic. Adding handbags to your child’s attire as an accessory not only shows the effort you put in going an extra mile to dress up your little doll but it also adds charisma and glamour to her personality.

These handbags are stylish and practical as well. By giving a little handbag or a purse to your kid, you are making sure that they keep their belongings in them so they don’t get lost during their fun time. This teaches the kids an important lesson – how to value things and take care of them. Apart from a handy accessory, they make a perfect gift as well. You can give your daughter a handbag as a birthday or a Christmas present.

Kids handbags are getting an intensified attention over the past few years. Brands who haven’t had children’s line of accessories in the past are all lining up to expand into the marketplace, introducing various accessories, handbags and satchels being one of the most dominant.

There is a good news for all the mums and kids out there! A new children’s bags & accessories label is just born in London. Founder Emma White, after spending 15 years designing for the likes of Paul Smith and Mary Katrantzou, launched her very own Honey and Toast!

Honey and Toast handbags
Honey and Toast handbags

Honey & Toast is a brand that understands your children have places to go and stuff to do. That’s why they design handmade leather goods for modern families who love color and appreciate craftmanship. The collection of leather items is designed to meet the higher expectations of both children and parents.

Everything is made by hand – cut and stitched in a small factory in Somerset. All their handbags are durable, robust in design and trendy, promoting long-lasting over throwaway and mischief over mundane.

These handbags are extremely handy, having straps that can be hooked on your kid’s scooty handles as well so your child doesn’t have to carry the bag on her back while going somewhere.

Honey and Toast handbags with handy straps
Honey and Toast handbags with handy straps

Some of the bags are kept simple with a unique color combination while others have some wild imaginative prints on them. So, it doesn’t matter whether your little one is into space rockets or being a gardener studying honey bees, Honey and Toast has got you covered!

Backpacks, satchels, pencil cases and coin purses… each shape is made in bright colors or fun prints, inspired by kid’s favorite adventures, but perfect to fit every day’s life!






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