GUCCI KIDS Autumn/Winter 2017/18

As Christmas Eve and New Year has passed it means one thing, that the winter break is just about to end and it’s time for going back to school. Gone were the days when parents used to dress up children with anything they wanted or seemed fit for the harsh winter weather. Now children want to wear what pleases their imaginative little minds. For kids, back-to-school is not just a time to put on whatever is available, but also a time to express their true selves. Now children want to be up-to-date in their clothing as much as any adult wants.

As schools are about to open soon, kids have to bear the unforgiving winter weather and the snow. It is important to have some outfits that not only the kids love but also provide maximum comfort and protection from the chilly weather. This year one of the chicest back-to-school campaigns was run by Gucci.

For years Gucci has been doing an exceptional job in providing the best of quality, style and comfort to all those kids out there, and all the parents would agree to that too! Designed exclusively in-house, the Autumn/Winter Gucci Collection 2017/18 has espoused a new look with its pieces profoundly influenced by the adultswear line. Vibrant, exquisite and with a fun retro feel, the collection stays true to Gucci’s luxurious roots whilst introducing something fresh, comforting, and creative for our little ones.

From clothes to shoes, bags and winter accessories like hats, headbands, socks, and cool bag packs, there is everything in the latest Autumn/Winter Collection 2017/18. Trends like strippy pants and ankle boots, mix-matched with bold colors says it all about following the latest inclinations of fashion.

GUCCI Autumn/Winter Collection 2017/18
GUCCI Autumn/Winter Collection 2017/18

This embroidered wool ruffle sweater paired with a shiny stripped skirt, multi-colored ankle boots and the little owl bag pack are perfect for your little girl to show off to her friends at school.

For your little guy, printed intarsia wool cashmere sweaters in many designs and combinations are available. Marble washed pants are a great choice to give that edgy look.

These sweaters are unisex so you can get them for both your son and daughter! How cool is that!

Knee-length frocks, bright colored cloaks and over-coats are one of the major fashion trends of autumn/winter this year. This embroidered cloak in hues of red and blues looks perfect for your little girl. To accessorize more, this dazzling embellished headband is all she needs!

GUCCI kidswear
GUCCI kidswear

This printed navy blue frock comes with the softest fabric and is a great option for your adventurous daughter, providing maximum comfort and movement. And she can keep her stuff in that handy little pouch. The woolen headband will look beautiful while keeping her ears warm.

GUCCI AW 2017-18 collection
GUCCI AW 2017-18 collection

The wool coats introduced in the collection are very warm and cozy, best to keep that cold away. You can pair them up with these Princetown slippers. They have a delicate applique work on them which makes them chic and cute at the same time.

Black and yellow stripped pants paired with a navy-blue cashmere sweater, leather loafers and a trendy bag pack – your kid will definitely fall in love with this look.

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